Shwip is a “twin-stick” shooter style game.  You can learn more from the creators at JamHammer Games


Purgatory is a dark, 2D tactical RPG with pixel graphics. The music is in a synthetic orchestral style with some rock and roll, and heavy metal influences.  Purchasable on the Steam page.

Purgatory II

The sequel to Purgatory.  Steam link.

Reset 1-1

Reset 1-1 is a retro 2D platforming game with pixel graphics and “chiptune” music.  You can purchase it at the game’s Steam page.

Crimson Expanse

Crimson Expanse was intended to be a relaxing space shooter for mobile devices.  It was canceled in development, but the creator’s page can be found at

Mischief Kittens

Mischief Kittens is a quirky 2D RPG made in RPG Maker with all original assets.  The first game by up-and-coming developer Karpo.  Download and play for free by clicking here.